Identity Recovered


Many immigrants who come to live here and become citizens desire to maintain some of their heritage from their former country.  They become hyphenated Canadians or hyphenated Americans and consider how good certain things were in their old country.  We have French-Canadians, Chinese-Canadians, Muslim-Canadians, etc.

It is the same with believers.  We don’t want to totally give up our former citizenship in Adam.  We still like some of the features of the old realm.  We can’t hold onto that which is dead. It is no longer of any value.


“knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin;” Romans 6:6


The Good News about the Bad News


Romans 1:18-32 deals with the outright sinner, the reprobate, who has exchanged the glory and truth of God for a lie and who are involved with all sorts of despicable sins in rebellion against God.



Romans 2:1-16 deals with the person who considers himself a moral person and shows that they don’t even follow their own standards.




Romans 2:17-3:10 deals with the religious person, the Jew specifically, but this would apply to any religious person whether Catholic, LDS or even the Baptist, etc.

The conclusion in Romans 3:10 is that there are none righteous – not even one.


The Good News – Part 1 (Romans 3:21 to 5:12)
Justification  (just – if – I’d – never sinned)
Past present and future sins forgiven (put away)
SALVATION (Justification)

savedChrist’s shed blood
Penalty paid in full
Declared righteous
Sins forgiven
By Faith

Even though you are a sinner in the sight of God, and are under the condemnation and penalty of death and eternal judgment for your sins, the Lord Jesus Christ has paid, in full, your sin debt on the cross of Calvary by shedding His blood for your sins.

By placing your faith in His work on the cross your sin debt has been paid in full. You are justified – just-if-I’d- never sinned – and your past present and future sins are forgiven. 2 Corinthians 5:21 describes the great exchange – your sins for His righteousness.



question-markAs a born again believer do you ever sin? Why is that?
Do you struggle with some recurring sin in your life?
Do you long for victory over some problem?
Why doesn’t your new birth affect your everyday life?
You may ask – What’s wrong with me?

You probably realize that you still sin because you are a sinner!
Did not Christ’s cross work fix that also?
Is it up to me to deal with that?


yesThe Good News Part 2 is yes – He dealt with that problem also!! But how?
Yes, the good news is that Christ’s death on the cross not only paid the penalty for your sins but He broke the power of your nature of sin. But how?
Two illustrations may help.


truckIn less than 100,000 miles our truck blew out the main engine oil seal 3 times for a repair bill of $1000 each time. It was repaired all 3 times at a General Motors service facility but they couldn’t figure out what was causing the failure.

Our son Brian, through some research, found that a possible cause could be overpressure in the crankcase caused by a blocked vent line, and low and behold he discovered that this was indeed the source of the problem. When the factory installed the rubber vent line they put a twist in it and the flow was blocked completely. This was hidden under the turbo. When he found the problem we fixed it for $16.

In a similar way we need to find the source of our sin problem so the correct remedy can be applied.


Matthew and Shana live in an apartment where they can only have a dog if it does not disturb other tenants. According to Matthew, Gershwin is the barkiest dog he has ever seen. He has been training him to stop barking by giving him a swat with a rolled up newspaper every time he barks. But now, when Gershwin sees Matthew coming he stops barking. As soon as Matthew turns around to leave, Gershwin lets out a small bark to show his rebellion.gershwin

Now they could possibly take him to the vet and have his vocal box removed but even then he would still be barking silently even though you could not hear him.

So what is the solution to stop a barky dog from barking? Only one! Bang! A bullet would do.

And that is God’s solution for us. A bullet through the heart! Of course His solution is not death by bullet but death by crucifixion. And that’s what we want to look at.


 “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies it bears much fruit.”  (John 12:24)


Understanding your identity in Christ – Romans 6:1-14
Two things to understand about the text:

1.   The shift from sins to sin (actually at 5:12) sins

Chapters 1 to 5:11 have been dealing with sins plural
All have sinned (our many sins)
The penalty for our sins has been paid

Chapters 5:12 to 8 :10 deal with sin singular
Chapter 6:1-14 – sin singular 10 times in 14 versessin
These chapters deal with the root cause
The principle of sin sometimes called our sin nature

2.   The  Greek verb tense aorist

Momentary past tense – a past happening at a moment in time papyrusMomentinTime
Always used in connection with a person being saved
The moment when God wrote your name in His life book
Throughout John’s gospel of those who believed
Throughout Pauline writings
Here in these 14 verses 15 times

Note: This understanding of the Greek text is only the last ~200 years with the discovery of thousands of Biblical manuscripts and numerous extra Biblical Greek documents. Like this fragment from John’s Gospel written within 20 years of the autograph.

Three key words in Romans 6:1-14:

      • keysSomething to Know (verse 6)
      • Something to Believe (verse 11)
      • Something to Present (verse 13

We enter through the door of salvation by the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary in Romans 3 to 5.

We find deliverance from the power of our old sin nature by the cross of Jesus Christ in Romans 6 and 7. Three key words are know, believe, and present or hand over yourself to our High Priest.

In Romans 8 we find the key to victorious living through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

What are we to know? – Romans 6:6:

crucitiedThe Greek word for knowing in this verse is not a natural knowledge.
It is not known through applying our soulish mind to figure out.
It is only a ‘knowing’ through revelation from God.

Your old sin nature was crucified with Christ (aorist tense)
This is a past completed momentary action
Not only crucified, but buried, raised, and seated with Christ (all aorist tense)

When did this happen?

Literally – “with Christ” = 2000 years ago (your old man was there with Him).
Realized at the moment of your new birth.


This is your true position before God – He sees you in Christ
This death is the full remedy applied by God (verse 8 – died with Him)
This death cuts us off from our old nature (verse 7 – freed)
The old nature is not annihilated but deactivated

Illustration: My laptop keyboard. I ran a script to deactivate my caps lock key as I was always hitting it. However, I also have a script to reactivate the caps lock key but have no need to do so.


Cross The place of crucifixion – the place of the curse
We were under the curse of the law and our Adamic nature (Gal.3:10)
Christ became a curse for us – took our curse upon Himself (Gal.3:13)
In the same way that he gave us His righteousness for our sin, He gave us freedom and blessing for our curse.

“The Cross has separated us from the power of sin (Romans 6:11), the old man (Romans 6:6), the world (Galatians 6:14), the law (Romans 7:4), and the devil (Hebrews 2:14). The Spirit has joined us to our risen Lord, and we are “hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3).” [None But The Hungry Heart, Miles Stanford]


1.    Know it (verse 6)

My old sinful nature was crucified with Christ on His cross
The old was buried with Christ – the finality of death (verse 4)
I have been raised up with Christ and have been given a new creation nature (verse 4; 2 Cor.5:17)
I am now seated with Christ in Heaven (Ephesians 2:6)


2.    Believe it (verse 11)

You enter into part 2 in the same way as part 1 – by faith
Consider yourself truly to be dead to the old nature (verse 11)
As a man thinks, so is he (Proverbs 23:7)


3.    Present your new life to God (verse 13)

This word is an action word meaning – hand  over
Greek usage as in sacrifices – hand over, present to death (BAGD)
It is not a consecrating of the old nature – it was crucified/dead
It is taking an attitude in accordance with the facts (Newell – Romans Verse by Verse 1938)
Henceforth I consider my whole life as now belonging to the Lord (Nee – The Normal Christian Life 1939)


Condition versus position:

Positionally this is a fact in the sight of God
This is how God views you – in His Son
Your condition is realized through daily reckoning on this truth

Jesus said – Take up your cross daily (Luke 9:23,24)


This is not some sickness or infirmity you have to bear
The believers cross is the cross of Calvary
The cross upon which Jesus was crucified
And where you were crucified with Him
Know it, believe it, and daily give yourself to Him
Let Him be the source, security, and sustenance of your life


1.    Build into your morning routine – maybe while drinking your coffee – a brief prayer to Him.

 Thank Him for these truths – dead to self and alive to Him. Acknowledge to Him that these things are true. Ask Him to live His life in and through you today. Admit the truth that you are completely unable in and of yourself to live the Christian life. Only He can do so and ask Him to do so.

2.    Consider reading daily a devotional on this subject by Miles Stanford “None But The Hungry Heart”.

This is a devotional quoting men of the past on the subject of our identity in Christ. I have been reading these devotionals for over 5 years and these truths are gradually sinking in. This book can either be purchased or if you are online you can read them there. (I can give you an internet link)



“If the difference between ‘Christ dying for us,’ and ‘our dying with Him,’ has not been recognized, acknowledged, and applied, it may safely be affirmed that the self is still the dominating factor in the life” J. Penn-Lewis

Notice the key words in the above quote – the difference  needs to be recognized, acknowledged, and applied.
Don’t live a hyphenated Adamic life! Let Christ live His life in and through you.


“In the first stage of our Christian life we seek to bring the Lord Jesus down to our level, for our use; later on we learn to take our position in Him at His level, for His use.

“The desire of many and the tendency of all is to connect the Lord Jesus with ourselves on this earth, instead of accepting that we are in living union with Him in heaven. The Lord give us to apprehend the reality of our true position; that we are outside this scene when we are in our true place.” Miles Stanford, None But The Hungry Heart.